A lot of people believe skipping a meal can help them lose some weight. And as the work is getting hectic day by day, people find little time in the mornings. Thus, skipping breakfast seems like an easy choice.

Are you doing the same? If yes, please stop.


Various studies have found that people who skip their breakfast weigh actually more than the people who take a healthy first meal of the day. It is because people who skip their breakfast tend to have a heavy lunch and dinner later. This leads to a higher intake of calories resulting in excessive weight gain. This also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes in people. And therefore, skipping breakfast might not be a good option for you.

But what to do if your weight has become a problem for you. And you seriously need to lose some. Well, one thing is for sure- skipping breakfast isn’t a good idea. But it’s important to keep in mind that all breakfasts are not equal. And all you need is a healthy balanced meal.

Centers for medical weight loss, Santa Ana have listed down these 5 breakfast mistakes that you should better avoid to keep your weight in control and become overall healthy.

1: Eating On The Go

You don’t have time. You rush to your car, pick something up from a bakery on the way and gulp it down quickly. Is breakfast done? No. That’s not how it works. You may think it doesn’t matter if you eat your breakfast on a table or behind the steering, rushing to your office. But it’s not true. Our concentration on the meal is very important. 

Studies suggest that when distracted, we unknowingly tend to eat more calories. This results in obesity. Also, when in a hurry, we don’t chew our food properly, which may lead to many digestive problems.

Solution: Instead of hitting that snooze button, get up early and have your breakfast peacefully.

2: You skip Fiber

Carbohydrates are easy to digest. And therefore, when we eat just carbs, our digestive system doesn’t need to work hard. And it has a serious disadvantage. As soon as your meal is fully digested, your digestive system doesn’t have any work to do. And therefore, very soon, you’ll feel hungry again. 

High-fiber foods are just the opposite. It will take longer to digest and thus, you won’t have further cravings any sooner. Fibers also keep your intestine healthy and lower the chances of diabetes. 

3: You are Ignoring Proteins

Just like fibers, proteins also have a part to play to keep you full for long. You can easily curb your food cravings by taking in the optimum amount of protein. Oatmeal with yogurt, a combination of whole-grain bread and vegetable omelet, banana, etc. all are great protein sources for your healthy balanced breakfast.

4: You are Avoiding Fat

Fat is gonna make you fat? It’s not that simple my friend. The time is long gone when only fat-less light products were considered good for your diet. Now, it’s important to add fats to your food. And you must include some healthy fats to the first meal of your day to keep yourself healthy overall. Avocados, Nut butter, plain yogurt, etc. are very good options for some healthy fat. Along with making you feel full, they also taste great. A win-win situation, isn’t it?

5: You are Eating Less

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. And therefore, it’s important to make it the best. If your morning diet is balanced and healthy, you’ll tend to eat healthier for the rest of the day. So, don’t hesitate to eat a good amount. Once you have a stomach full of healthy breakfast, you won’t have to worry about a grumbling stomach after just an hour.

So these were the five mistakes you cannot afford to make if you wanna lose those extra kilos off your body. Our doctors at the medical weight loss clinic in Santa Ana say that having a healthy and balanced breakfast has great effects on your body’s metabolism. It’s not just weight loss but an overall healthy body we are craving. And having a good and healthy breakfast can surely help you achieve that.