Do you suffer from anxiety? Just telling yourself that it will get better with time is not enough. Getting professional help is important. Many people don’t take professional help because they think their body is working fine so they don’t have any problems. It’s always best to go to a professional for help. Anxiety can influence your decision-making capabilities and can stop you from enjoying the fun things in your life. So, it becomes very important to visit a professional to get the best treatment for anxiety.

Also, there are many myths surrounding anxiety. Many people believe in these myths and make wrong decisions about their mental health. So, here are some of the worst myths with real facts about anxiety disorder, so you don’t fall for these myths.

1. Anxiety Is Not a “Real” Mental Illness

This is probably the most common myth. People are not very aware of mental health which leads them to believe such myths. However, this is not the case. There is anxiety that is natural and can even be good for you, but an anxiety disorder is something else. When the anxiety reaches the extreme form, that becomes an anxiety disorder. This can cause impairment. Any other health problems can be detected through some tests like blood tests. But you can’t detect anxiety through these tests. You would need professional help for anxiety disorder.

2. You Can Pass Out Due to a Panic Attack

People faint when their blood pressure drops, that doesn’t happen during a panic attack. Instead, it increases your heart rate and blood pressure. Hence, you won’t pass out because of a panic attack. Panic attacks can be dreadful and just the fear of having them can also trigger your anxiety. If you are worried that you can lose control of your car during a panic attack, then don’t worry, it won’t happen. You won’t lose any control of yourself during a panic attack. Also, very few people reach the stage of panic disorder. So getting proper treatment can help you.

3. You Should Stay Away From Stressful Situations if You Suffer From Anxiety Disorder

This is absolutely wrong! In fact, feeling fragile and scared will only lead to more anxiety. Even if you are anxious, you can still do whatever you want to, and achieve your goal.

Avoiding stress could sound helpful to reduce anxiety, but to be honest that doesn’t work that much. Well, life is stressful, and you can’t just run away from it. There can be many unexpected situations that are unavoidable, and it’s not compulsory that these situations will cause anxiety.

4. You Are Just a “Worrywart” And Can’t be Treated

Even if you are suffering from anxiety that is genetic, effective treatment can definitely help you to control it. You don’t have to accept that you are a “worrywart” as your fate, anxiety can be treated. One of the best ways to start your treatment would be cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT can reduce the symptoms of anxiety very effectively in just three months.

5. Anxiety Will Get Better With Time, Just Have Patience

Patience is important, but not this way. It doesn’t work. You might work or function properly, which makes you delay the treatment but that’s where you make a mistake. Anxiety will not get better on its own. Your situation can get worse over time, and can also lead to depression, which would also require treatment.


Don’t fall for any of these myths, mental illness is “real” and an anxiety disorder should never be ignored. If you feel that you suffer from anxiety to any extent, immediately consult a professional to get the best anxiety treatment in Santa Ana. Don’t ignore your mental health or else it can cause more problems for you.