Arginine has gained popularity as an essential amino acid for cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction. Arginine is a building block that makes protein inside the human body indicating that it is a vital supplement. However, the main question is whether it is an important supplement for erectile dysfunction or not. Read on to find the answer.

Arginine and Erectile Dysfunction

When you consume arginine as a supplement, it first converts into nitric oxide. This extended form of arginine causes the blood vessels to dilate and increases blood flow. In turn, the improved blood flow can help treat problems associated with erectile dysfunction.

According to a study based on the effectiveness of arginine, it was revealed that arginine can help treat normal to moderate ED. In addition to this, the authors of the study also went on to say that arginine may also prove effective in the production of sperms. In particular, when consumed along with dilators, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants. However, bear in mind that extended and in-depth research is required to understand the behavior and nature of arginine. Also, discuss supplement usage with your doctor before taking any kind of supplements.

Is Arginine Effective?

Arginine or L-arginine has undergone studies and detailed research in the past. Some research papers like the one mentioned above suggest the use of supplements like L-arginine for ED. However, other studies conclude that it is a possible treatment option. So, is it wise to take arginine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction?

The answer is not simple. You see, some results and studies published in well-renowned journals tend to disagree with arginine as a treatment option for ED. That’s because L-arginine is well-tolerated and safe for consumption but it will not eradicate the problem completely. In fact, most mainstream doctors would suggest an alternative treatment option for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. That said, let’s dive deep and look into the various nuances of supplements for ED.

Approved Treatments for ED and L-Arginine Usage

One of the approved treatments for ED is Yohimbine Hydrochloride. Combining Yohimbine with L-arginine can be a good option. According to a 2010 study, the combination of both shows little therapeutic potential. The only exception, in this case, is that this treatment option is feasible for mild to moderate types of EDs.

Another combination, that of L-arginine and Pycnogenol may help men suffering from ED problems. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy showed that the combination of both these supplements helped treat ED in men aged 25 to 45. They achieved normal erections and the treatment did not cause severe side effects. Also, it has to be noted that pycnogenol is another supplement derived from the pine bark of a tree named Pinus pinaster. Overall, the combination of both these supplements can cause a positive effect on those who suffer from mild to moderate types of EDs.

Talk to a Doctor

Erectile dysfunction can cause stress and lead to societal problems. But it is natural to have ED problems with age. In many cases, ED can be severe while in others it is moderate. According to the studies stated above, L-arginine is not an effective treatment option for those who suffer from severe forms of ED. And these studies consider it a viable treatment option for only moderate types of erectile dysfunction problems. So, before doing anything talk to a doctor. In fact, you can even try natural remedies such as regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and a nutrition-filled diet.

In addition to this, if you smoke cannabis make sure that you quit because smoking damages blood vessels. Quitting will help improve the blood flow and may also help restore the problem. ED is also treatable with medications and millions of men consult a urologist to receive prescriptions. So, if your ED problem needs attention and you are not sure about the treatment options, have an open conversation with our erectile dysfunction doctors and seek the best treatment plans for Erectile dysfunction.