Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is commonly termed as impotence and it is a medical condition that affects the reproductive organ of men. A man with erectile dysfunction loses the ability to maintain a penile erection and often fails to get a complete erection. Basically, ED affects older men but given the lifestyle of men these days, it is no surprise that it has gradually started affecting younger men more than ever. Simply put ED is a commonly found condition in younger men and a study published in 2016 suggested that ED is quite overlooked in younger men. However, complaints related to erectile dysfunction are quite frequent among young men these days. So, ignoring this condition is definitely not an answer and in this post, we will address the problem and suggest the best treatment for erectile dysfunction in young men. 

The best treatment for erectile dysfunction

Most men leave ED untreated and unattended because they shy away from talking to the doctor. But the problem will remain unsolved as long as you see it indifferently. So, make sure you rush to a doctor as soon as you begin to notice the signs of ED. Not only this but also consider making major changes to your current lifestyle. 

For instance, some men drink a lot of alcohol, as a result of which they find it hard to get a penile erection while having sexual intercourse. This simply means that they have to focus on drinking healthier drinks. Other than this, it is vital to take the doctor’s advice seriously. It can include medications, special treatment methods, and counseling. So, without further ado let’s dive in and see which are some of the best male erectile dysfunction treatment methods?

Lead a healthier lifestyle

It might sound like an obvious treatment option but it is worth mentioning. Here’s why: most often we find people making resolutions like we will eat healthy and exercise this year. However, they fail to keep up with the promise and continue eating unhealthy food. This, in turn, leads to an unhealthy body and several medical conditions. And it is no surprise that ED is one of them. So, you have to make sure you are eating all your nutrients, exercising regularly, and reducing the intake of alcohol. 

In addition to this, if you are interested in treating ED with natural remedies, you should consider weighing all the options because sometimes natural remedies are not enough. Also, it is very important to communicate your feelings with your partner. If you do so you will never suffer from performance anxiety. This also means that you can consult a therapist or psychologist to deal with the aforementioned issues. 

Take oral medications under medical supervision

There are several oral medications that people consume to treat erectile dysfunction. For instance, phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) – a prescription drug that doctors prescribe before suggesting more invasive treatment methods. You see some people suffer from a severe degree of ED. In such cases, oral medications do not work and the problem is dealt with options like surgery. However, individuals taking this medicine should know that PDE5 is an enzyme that interferes with the activities of Nitric Oxide (NO). Now, nitric oxide is responsible for opening the blood vessels in the penis and causing the penis to erect. Also, there are four types of inhibitors (PDE5) presently in the market. They are as follows: 

  • Cialis
  • Stendra
  • Viagra
  • Levitra

Intracavernosal injections 

Doctors tend to prescribe injections in cases of individuals with immediate needs. For example, Alprostadil is a solution that is directly injected into the base of the penis 20 minutes before sexual intercourse. You can take this injection too. However, make sure you consult a doctor first. In addition to this also remember that this solution should not be used more than two times in a day. Excess use of the solution can cause side effects like pain and burning sensation in the genital area. 

Testosterone therapy

It is no surprise that young men often suffer from ED due to lower levels of testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone responsible for all the activities related to male genitalia. And the good news is, this therapy is available in various forms. For example, patches, gels, oral tablets, and the above-mentioned injectable solutions. All these methods can be used to treat ED and some of the side effects include acne, prostate growth, and mood swings. 

Vacuum constriction

If in case all the treatment options fail, doctors prefer vacuum constriction devices They are safe to use and involve a cylinder and penis holding band. The treatment allows you to keep the cylinder over the penis and a band right at the base of the penis. Soon after vacuum creation, the cylinder is removed, a band is placed to preserve the erection, and the band is removed 30 minutes after the treatment. 

It is extremely important to seek the best treatment for erectile dysfunction. Addressing the condition in the early stages may help you cure it completely. So, ensure that you visit a doctor and consume medications only under medical supervision.