What’s a healthy way to lose weight? Focusing on fat loss and improving muscle gain. That’s the best way to maintain a healthy body.

Now, when it comes to building muscle the concept is simple – you increase the weight, repetitions, and volume that you can for any exercise and that will lead to a simple increase in muscle size. The concept is easy enough to understand. But not everybody has a bunch of weights lying around the house.

So, in that case, what do you do? Bodyweight exercises. 

Getting fit is not at all rocket science no matter how much the gym makes it look. Simple bodyweight exercises go a long way in boosting cardiovascular fitness and burning fat. People severely underestimate the power of using their own bodies as resistance in comparison to machines. Even the professionals at weight loss centers such as Steady Care Medical advise doing some sort of bodyweight exercise as a part of a weight-loss journey.

So, what exactly does bodyweight training offer you? Let’s have a look.

It Is a Super-Efficient Way to Workout

Unless you want to be a ripped version of yourself, you probably don’t go on a two-hour workout binge. Research supports that bodyweight-based, high output exercises are the best for fitness especially if you work on a tight workout schedule. Considering there is no equipment involved, it is much easier to transition from one exercise to another. As rest times become shorter, serious calories are burnt.

But, at the end of it all, it is important to remember that consistency is key. Bodyweight exercises can be helpful in aiding the weight loss that you wish to achieve. However, if you aim for a better result, lifting heavy at the gym along with bodyweight exercises is the best way to improve your health.

It Is a Combination of Cardio and Strength 

As almost all of us are pressed for time, you might wonder what one can do which covers both cardio and strength training and is still effective. A quick bodyweight cardio session in the middle of a set of strength exercises will keep your heart rate up while you build muscle and strength.

HIIT training sessions are the best examples of these types of workouts. They help burn fat, build muscle and improve endurance.

You Burn Fat 

If weight loss is on your mind, then a couple of minutes of bodyweight circuit training will be enough to create a massive impact on the body’s metabolism. Try a session of burpees and you will understand what we are trying to point out.

Our body saves energy and uses it according to the intensity of the physical activity we perform. While high-intensity workouts burn carbohydrates, low-intensity workouts for a long duration are more effective in burning fat. Bodyweight exercises give you the liberty to do a mix of both and gain maximum benefits.

There Is Something Hidden for Everyone

The best part of bodyweight exercises is that you can modify them to fit any level of exercise. You can add extra repetitions, perform the exercises a lot faster or slow it down, you can twist even the simplest of the exercises for it to become more challenging. You will be able to feel the progress as it is your own body that you are challenging at every step.

While the most common type of bodyweight exercises include push-ups, pull-ups and squats, you can explore other circuits too that fit well with your strength level.

Engage Your Core

A big misconception is that, when you talk about the core, you are only referring to just the abs. In reality, there are in fact about twenty-nine muscles that together form the human core. Most simple bodyweight muscles have the ability to engage all of them together. Additionally, these exercises also improve the posture and the athletic performance of a person.

Planks, crunches and leg raises are the best way to engage your core without lifting extra weight.

Better Flexibility 

Time to burst another myth bubble. Not every person who enjoys resistance training ends up with tight muscles and inflexible joints. It is possible to do bodyweight training for both flexibilities as well as strength. Bodyweight exercises offer a full range of motion that is great for movement, mobility, and posture. Yoga too is a bodyweight-based workout and we all know how well it works to improve flexibility.

It Is a Lot Less Intimidating

Whenever I ask people why they don’t exercise; the answer is it’s either too intimidating or inconvenient. When you work with your own body weight, those reasons become null and void. You can squeeze your workout in whatever little time you have since you don’t have to drive to a gym. Without equipment, you can easily work out while you’re at home or anywhere else. No time with this method actually becomes no excuse.

There is no great “universal” way for anyone to exercise. But bodyweight training imparts a lot of benefits to all users, especially if you are really new to resistance training. You can add this form of exercise to your routine or just do this like a standalone venture. It will definitely be a great help in your weight loss plan.

Weight loss is not all about lowering the number on the scale. It’s about making your body healthy and taking the steps that will help you reach that goal. Bodyweight exercises are just another way to improve the results. Apart from proper diet and workouts, having a consultation with a professional can help deliver better results. So, if you are serious about weight loss, take the necessary steps today and experience a positive change.

If you do not like the workout, you can seek the help of an expert at an online weight loss clinic for consultation and medication that will help you reach your goal.