COVID-19 has induced a lot of lifestyle changes and this has changed the way we perceive life. With outdoor activities getting limited, maintaining a proper exercise schedule is getting tough as people spend more time at their homes. This is leading to various health issues including obesity. If you want to lose some weight, an online medical weight loss clinic sounds like a logical choice. Other than that, there is a lot you can do to shed some pounds as you spend time in the quarantine. It’s important to take action because weight gain in quarantine should not be treated lightly.

Obesity increases the risk of coronavirus

Medical experts mention that are various health conditions that directly increase the risk of COVID-19. These include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and chronic kidney disease. As per a survey, obese patients make some of the most chronic cases of COVID-19. That’s because obesity is linked to a variety of problems. Patients with an increased weight are hard to manage for clinicians. Along with that, it’s a challenge to intubate such patients and diagnostic imaging is also tough. In addition, obesity can affect the functioning of the lungs and make you more vulnerable to contracting the virus. So, proper management is necessary. 

Tips to lose weight in quarantine

1) Exercise

Most people gain weight because they are not doing enough exercise. Lack of physical activity is linked to hypertension and a rise in cholesterol levels. These directly contribute to more weight. Most people might be thinking that they are short of options while they are in lockdown. That’s because they cannot step out freely and use the gyms. Well, this is just an excuse. Exercising is not always about working out at the gym. There is a lot you can do at home. Simple things like moving, walking in your garden, cleaning, gardening, and a schedule of home workout is enough to bring an element of physical activity in your life. Doing these simple activities can help you burn some calories and contribute to weight loss. If you are not sure what you should do, you can start with a simple set of pushups in your room. Make a proper exercising schedule and stick to it. There is nothing complex about home workouts. In fact, it’s a very convenient way to give a direction to your weight loss journey. 

2) Stay hydrated

It’s a fact that most Americans don’t drink enough water. Either they are too ignorant or they are consuming some high-sugar beverages. Honestly, this does no good for your body. It leads to more fluid loss and put you at the risk of various health conditions. During quarantine, this behavior is getting more pronounced and the experts are particularly worried. Maintaining the proper intake of water is the first step you can take to start a healthy eating plan. Dehydration is directly linked to obesity because it makes you eat more. So, one of the best ways to lose weight is by drinking more water. The fact that you are staying at home means that you should keep a water bottle close to you. When you see it regularly, it serves as a reminder that you have to drink again. Well, keeping yourself hydrated shouldn’t just be limited to water, you can drink fresh juices too. Avoid drinking fluids with high caffeine or sugar. They are packed with calories and can contribute to more weight. 

3) Increase your fiber intake

Apart from making significant changes to your diet, increasing your fiber intake is linked to weight loss. Maintaining a good intake of fiber can keep you full for a longer time and prevent you from eating more. Along with that, it promotes gut health and lowers the risk of chronic diseases. A good way to increase your fiber intake is by eating more fruits, vegetables, and beans. In addition, eat whole grains like oats, , quinoa, and whole-wheat pasta. Avoid refined grains as they don’t contain as much fiber. 

4) Get enough sleep

If you sleep well enough, it can directly contribute to better weight management. A possible explanation for this is that when you sleep better, your brain works better and as a result, your metabolism functions at an optimum level. Various habits like leading a sedentary lifestyle, high-caffeine intake, and drinking alcohol are barriers to good sleep. Doctors mention that you should avoid stimulants that can avoid the onset of sleep. Create a proper schedule and try sleeping at the same time every day. Your body clock will readjust and you will be able to manage your schedule more easily.

5) Stand more

Ever since quarantine started, people have been spending a large time sitting. This might not sound like a big deal because parking yourself on a couch is a form of relaxation for most people. But, sitting continuously for hours is a major health risk because it invites unwanted risks of joint pain and various other issues. Also, you are not burning any calories. So, it basically leads to weight gain. Experts suggest that standing at least 6 hours per day leads to increased calorie burn. A good idea is to blend it with some stretches to increase the intensity and make your body lose more calories. So, avoid sitting for long hours. 

6) Contact an online medical weight loss clinic

Along with these measures, it’s a good idea to take help from a certified clinic. During the risky times of the pandemic, it’s not safe to step outside. These clinics accept telemedicine appointments and make the job easier for you. Along with that, they have certified weight loss doctors, who can provide you with the right line of treatment. They can screen your health and figure out the root cause of your weight gain. Accordingly, they can offer the right insight into your weight loss program. If you are planning to take a natural approach to lose weight, they can educate you better about the tips and inform you about what works best. In addition, COVID-19 comes with a lot of added risks and you need to take the right step forward in managing your health condition. You should avoid any triggers that can increase the risk. So, in these situations, a doctor is the best person who can give you an effective treatment plan for weight loss.