If you’re in your 30s & have disturbed sleep, feel fatigued or tired or have a low sex drive, then you should consider consulting a Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctor. The reason is, you may have low testosterone. There are several other symptoms that you would never link to the low T unless a doctor diagnoses this condition.

Over the years, low-T has emerged as one of the most common conditions. According to recent surveys, 1 in every 4 Americans has low T. Medically, they have less than 5ng /dL T levels.  Testosterone levels are associated with metabolic syndrome. The risk factors linked to T-levels include type-2 diabetes, high BP, heart attacks & blood clotting, etc.

Symptoms Associated With Low-T Are:-

Many men, who are conscious of staying active & alert, healthy, and sexually fit, take medicines on own without consulting a hormone replacement doctor. That is neither the right way of taking medication nor is it useful for curing their health.

Men experiencing any of such conditions need a series of tests to be diagnosed for low –T.

Why Do Men Need Testosterone?

Men having low T levels have a poor sex drive, difficulty erection, or are unable to maintain an erection for a time sufficient to complete sex satisfactorily.

Men need to maintain a good level of testosterone levels as long as possible.

Testosterone is important for their health in the following ways-

  • Testosterone helps the growth of male organs at the age of adolescence. This is the time when a boy is attaining manhood.
  • Testosterone effects sex drive. Drop-in testosterone levels result in a dropped sex drive.
  • Testosterone effects erection. A man with lower levels of testosterone either fails to attain an erection at all or can’t maintain it for a sufficient time.
  • Testosterone affects productivity & fertility. Low testosterone levels result in low sperm which is directly related to the birth of the child.
  • Testosterone helps the growth of blood cells.
  • A good testosterone level helps strong muscles & bones.

Benefits Of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men:

Hormone Replacement Therapy repairs testicle dysfunction and helps the body in producing testosterone in required levels.  It can cure the condition of hypogonadism.

T-levels are naturally lower by aging. The purpose of hormone therapy is to maintain the T levels. Testosterone replacement can make you feel happy and active.  Hormone therapies lower metabolic syndrome risks factors like heart attacks, diabetes, & high BP, etc.

Hormone therapy does not affect the overall results that men acquire by aging. Testosterone levels in men decrease naturally with their aging. But, this doesn’t affect their general health.

Which Type of Hormone Therapy for Men Is Required?

There are three types of hormone replacement therapies for men. Different patients need different therapies. It depends upon the nature of the requirement and the decision of the hormone replacement therapy doctor.

The prevalent therapies are:

  1. Testosterone Injections
  2. Testosterone Gel
  3. Testosterone Patches

Risks Associated With The Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men:

Hormone Replacement Therapies for men are not free from risks. It may cause some minor side effects. Under certain situations, the risks could be major.

If you feel any of the following conditions, you should contact your HRT doctor.

How To Find Male Hormone Replacement Doctors?

Patients interested in testosterone replacement therapy can search a specialist doctor on the following keywords.

  •  Male Hormone Therapy Clinics
  •  Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctors
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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men could be potentially useful for increasing testosterone levels.  At the same time, it’s not 100% safe. It’s important to discuss your health in detail with the doctor at HRT clinic in Santa Ana.