Erectile dysfunction is a common condition & in America alone, about 30 million men are estimated to have ED conditions. If you have a condition relating to your sex-life and are getting Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction, then the first thing you should do is, look at your diet.

Erection difficulty relates to blood flow to the organ. The insufficient flow of blood affects the erection or causes erectile dysfunction. Our lifestyle and eating habits contribute to the blood flow in the body. Because conditions of impotence are linked to the problems of blood flow to the organ, it’s important to keep the blood vessels in good health.

Though the disease is not life-threatening, persistent ED conditions may be an indicator of some other serious condition. High blood pressure is one of the major reasons for the disease. Other conditions may include stress, diabetes & cardiovascular issues. Therefore, the patients should not feel hesitant & consult an erectile dysfunction specialist or a sexologist at a reputed male enhancement clinic.

Avoid Eating Certain Foods:

Physical & psychological factors, both are responsible for the occurrence of ED. The most common physical reasons are high blood pressure, diabetes, over-weight & obesity. We see that our diet & eating habits may cause these conditions.

Our diet is deeply correlated to sexual functions. There are certain foods that enhance our sex-vigor. On the other hand, some foods cause blood-vessel blockage and reduce testosterone levels. When we eat these foods, they cause erectile dysfunction directly or indirectly.

ED patients should avoid eating the following foods because they narrow down the blood vessels. Their consumption during erectile dysfunction treatment can delay the process of recovery.

Excessive Use of Alcohol:

Erectile dysfunction is directly associated with the testosterone levels. Alcohol consumption beyond 2 drinks a day, hampers the growth of fresh testosterones & also destroys that exists in the bloodstream. Overconsumption of alcohol may damage the blood vessels. This obstructs the required flow of the blood to the organ.

Excessive use of alcohol also causes hypertension & heart-related problems. Both these conditions aggravate erectile dysfunction issues.

Fats & Carbohydrates Aggravate Erectile Dysfunction Conditions:

It’s essential for a man that his body maintains a good balance of testosterone & estrogen.  Estrogen is a female hormone and its presence in the male body should be very small. Fats & Carbohydrates increase the production of female hormones in men & that worsens Erectile Dysfunction issues. Excessive presence of the estrogen in the male body directly affects erection & sex life.

BPA in Canned Food & Plastic Containers May Enhance The ED Problem:

BPA (Biphenol-A) is a chemical that is used for the inner coating of canes. This chemical tends to diminish sex desire. BPA easily mixes with the food that is stored in cans coated with this chemical.

BPA is also used in plastic containers.  ED patients should not use food that is stored in plastic containers for a long time. They should also avoid consuming food that is warmed in plastic containers in the microwave.

Fried Foods Worsen The ED Problem:

Cooking oil on heating becomes hazardous for heart-health. It increases cholesterol levels and may cause cardiovascular diseases. Other impacts of fried food on health include; obesity & weight gain. Burnt cooking oil also leads to prostate ill-health or even cancer. The end result of these issues could be the deterioration of the existing ED problem.

Regular Meat Eating Increases Erectile Dysfunction:

Scientific & medical studies show that regular meat-eating can increase impotence.  One of the main causes of ED is related to blood flow.  Meat affects it badly and causes clogging of arteries. Regular eating of red meat causes inflammation that leads to erectile dysfunction.

Intake of food that increases the risks of high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels, high cholesterol or obesity stands to aggravate the ED.  On the other hand, by avoiding such foods along with getting Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, we can alleviate the ED more effectively.