The coronavirus pandemic has been harsh on us. It’s a battle we are still facing and it’s hard to find relief in these challenging times. Going by the current reports, there is a huge surge in mental health patients. Well, getting an emotional support animal letter online can be helpful. That’s because it gives you the right to have an ESA who can be a source of therapy for you. Well, the underlying question is why are people facing mental health issues? Well, I think I have an explanation. 

We Were Not Prepared for this Pandemic

How would you react if cops stepped into at your doorstep, arrest you, and then put you behind the bars for no specific reason? I know that sounds wild but you’ll be devastated, right? Well, I’m not comparing this to the current pandemic but we never expected we would face something like this. We just walked into 2020 after nights of partying and welcomed it with a fresh vibe. This was supposed to be a great year for all of us. I’m sure you might have lined up things and planned for the entire year ahead. Sadly, all our plans were washed off when COVID-19 gripped us. The nature of the disease meant that we had to stay indoors and avoid close contact with anyone. 

For humans, this is a huge challenge because it literally meant behaving in the least human way possible. We are meant to socialize and bond with people. That’s what we do best. Exploring new landscapes, heading out for a game of basketball, or just a walk on the park are things that come naturally to us. Now, when you put a complete ban on these, we are bound to act differently. For some, it is easy to handle the situation while for others it’s a huge challenge. This stems from the fact that we are all programmed differently. Each one of us has our own response to stressful situations. For people with a vulnerable sense of mental health, such situations can be highly taxing. They tend to stress and get anxious. When this happens, again and again, people might slip into a depressive state. So, you need an escape from this situation. Wondering what can be that?

An Emotional Support Animal Can be the Answer to all Your Worries

As we mentioned earlier, the prevalence of mental health is increasing during this pandemic. While many people are indulging in different kinds of activities to kill the boredom, there is one thing that is sure to work for you. I’m talking about getting an emotional support pet for yourself. If you’re not sure what that means, an ESA is an animal that brings a positive change in your life through its presence. It’s not hard to notice why. Animals carry a comforting vibe with them. When you spend time with them, it’s always a happy moment. During this pandemic, you might not be able to meet your loved ones freely but an animal like a dog or cat can help you unwind. If you feel lonely, they can fill that void through that presence. In addition, they can keep you pampered with attention and love. This goes a long way in enhancing your perception of life. It equips you with a sense that you have someone listening to your sorrows and worries. 

And, it’s not just limited to that. It’s been observed that people are getting lazy as a result of quarantine. Binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix is okay but if you do that in excess, it’s bound to take a toll on your body. This behavior is getting the experts worried because a lack of exercise and body movement has shown direct links to bad mental health. So, having an ESA can bring an element of activeness in your life. You can play fun games or just jog around your garden. This can bring your body into motion and help you break the barrier of a sedentary lifestyle

Get an Emotional Support Animal Letter Online

In order to own an emotional support animal, you need to have a valid ESA letter. In the wake of this pandemic, people are increasingly using the online platform to get their ESA recommendations. You need to contact a certified mental health specialist to source your letter. Well, there are various clinics that accept telemedicine appointments. That’s what you should be looking for. Let me tell you how to find them:

1) Go Through Online Reviews

It’s a good idea to go through some customer reviews before pinning your choice on a particular clinic. These give you a glimpse into the working prowess of a particular clinic. In addition, pay attention to the ratings. Select 3-4 clinics with a high rating to have more options at hand. 

2) Check the Certifications

Most reputed clinics would hold certifications. They serve as proof that a particular clinic is genuine. Also, it speaks volumes about the kind of services you’ll be getting. So, always cross-check and ensure that the clinic holds a valid license and certifications to provide you with an ESA recommendation. 

3) Do a Comparison

When you’re done with the first 2 steps, you can compare the multiple clinics based on their reputation, experience, and affordability. Select the one that offers a healthy combination of expertise and price. 

When you find the right clinic for yourself, you might be wondering what is the process? Well, it’s nothing complex. Clinics that accept telemedicine appointments follow a simple 3-step process: 

1) It starts with a simple application form that needs you to enter your basic details and information about your health history. The clinic analyzes your details and links you to a certified mental health doctor. 

2) The doctor interacts with you via video call and tries to understand your health issue. The main aim is to check if you have a qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of an ESA. 

3) Once the doctor approves, you are eligible to own an ESA letter. So, in spite of the challenge, we are facing, having a pet can bring a positive change in your mental health. Just get your emotional support animal letter online to earn the legal right to live with your ESA without any hassle.