Losing weight becomes challenging for people who have a hectic schedule. For working professionals, one of the major reasons for weight gain is lack of physical activity. Along with that, diet plays a key role in putting those extra pounds. So, adopting some healthy habits can help you get in shape quickly.

However, visiting a trusted online weight loss clinic can help you design a perfect plan for weight loss fast.

In today’s post, we are going to discuss top weight-loss tips for busy people.

Get Moving

Exercising is necessary for losing extra pounds and maintaining a healthy weight as well. It can help increase metabolism and burn calories. Moreover, regular exercise is beneficial in increasing lean body mass.

There are many types of exercises that you can do in the gym or at home. Experts recommend picking up any physical activity that you enjoy and stick to it.

No matter the exercise program you follow, it should include some kind of aerobic exercise. Why so? Because it increases the heart rate and blood pumping. Some of the common aerobic exercises include walking, running, jogging, biking, etc. Additionally, weight training can provide significant results. Experts say that it’s important to train all major muscle groups—abs, back, chest, shoulders, traps, hamstrings, biceps, and triceps.

Moreover, exercising can help boost mental health, thus reducing the risks of anxiety and depression. Research says that when you exercise, the body releases certain neurotransmitters, which are linked to regulating mood.

Eat Healthy Foods

When it comes to losing weight, dietary changes can bring significant changes. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to become a vegan or exclude carbs from your daily diet. Add more nutrient-rich foods into your diet instead.

Medical researchers have found that keeping track of your food intake can help you get in shape easily and prevent weight gain in the future. You can find a wide range of mobile apps, which will make it easier for you.

Science says that the size of your plate influences how much you eat. It’s recommended to choose a small plate, which can reduce your calorie intake by about 20 percent. 

How to resist mid-morning cravings? Keep some healthy snacks in your bag or desk. Try to replace high-calorie foods that you order from local restaurants with nutrient-dense foods. For instance, cinnamon has many health benefits. So, consider using it in coffee instead of sugar.

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Go Social

Having friends and family members who are supportive of your healthy habits can help you achieve your weight-loss goals fast. The support can be emotional, practical, or inspiring. So, discuss your weight loss goals with your support network and don’t hesitate to ask for their help. For instance, you can ask your spouse to go out for a jog with you in the evening.

Moreover, social media can be a great tool to help you get in shape. Getting great comments on before and after photos on Instagram will provide you with extra zeal to work dedicatedly to achieve your goals.

A study reported that participants in online weight-loss communities who shared their progress and engaged with others on social networks showed significant results. They dropped 8.3 percent of their body weight while it was 4.1 percent for those who didn’t share the numbers.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Enjoying alcohol with your friends isn’t a crime. But, you should know the limits. Boozing can interfere with your weight loss efforts. Moreover, researchers have found that it can lead to severe health issues, such as erectile dysfunctions.

Drinking alcohol is often called consuming empty calories. That means you get calories without significant nutrients. In a 12-ounce beer, there are about 155 calories. So, it’s good to replace it with a snack in the afternoon or evening.

Research says that there’s a link between obesity and alcohol use disorder. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcohol use disorder is defined as a chronic brain disease characterized by loss of control over drinking alcohol, which can have a negative impact on emotional health.

So, how much alcohol can you drink in a day? Well, federal guidelines define moderate drinking as—one drink for women and two drinks for men per day. Many experts recommend drinking a lot of water and juices while drinking alcohol. The objective is to flush out toxins.

Drink More Water

Water can help you lose weight. It contains zero calories and may suppress appetite. You will consume fewer calories, thus allowing you to burn stored fat and lose weight. Additionally, you can replace sugary beverages with water. This is the best way to cut sugar intake, thus losing pounds.

A study of overweight women analyzed the effects of increasing water intake to 1 liter every day. Researchers noted that the participants lost 4.4 lbs of extra weight after a year.

There are various factors influencing how much water you need daily. Those who do rigorous activities need to consume more water. Experts recommend drinking water before, during, and after exercise. However, drinking a lot of water quickly when you are exercising can increase the risks of health issues, such as cramps.

Climate and temperature also affect your daily water needs. If you live in a hot climate, you will definitely require more water to stay hydrated. A great way to know if you are well-hydrated is to check your urine. It should be light yellow. Smelly urine with a dark color is a sign of dehydration.

Get Professional Help

Consider contacting a professional doctor who is trained in helping people manage proper body weight. Before you seek professional help, check if you are obese. BMI (Body Mass Index) is the standard formula to check it. It’s an individual’s weight in kg divided by the square of height in meters.

  • BMI less than 18.5 – Underweight
  • BMI between 18.5 and 25 – Normal
  • BMI between 25 and 30 – Overweight
  • BMI more than 30 – Obese

A licensed doctor can help you design a perfect weight loss plan to help you shed extra body weight. Everyone has a different condition, thus requires different weight loss strategies. So, have an open discussion with your doctor, be honest about your daily activity levels, diet, medications you are taking, etc., and create a customized plan that will work for you.

With telemedicine, you can see a doctor online to get professional help for weight loss. Here’s the process-

  • Sign up an account
  • Talk to a doctor through HIPAA-compliant software
  • Receive a prescription letter in PDF format via email

Final Thoughts

For busy people, it’s necessary to adopt healthy habits to lose extra weight. Adding more nutrient-dense foods, fruits, and vegetables to your daily diet can help you get in shape fast. A combination of aerobic and weight training exercises also provides great results. However, you can pick up any physical activity you enjoy and stick to it. Other strategies to lose weight are drinking more water daily, limiting alcohol intake, and getting social support.

To make customized plans for weight loss talk to a licensed doctor today.