Living a healthy life is a dream for many. However, following the changing modern lifestyle with endless hectic schedules, the dream doesn’t seem that easy to achieve. Maintaining healthy living requires not just a good diet and physical exertion but a lot more! Did you know less than 3% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle? And others are just wondering about it.

As per a U.S. National Health and Nutrition Survey, people who followed healthy lifestyle habits took care of the following things – a good diet, regular exercising, no smoking and keeping a healthy weight. Even people suffering from different medical conditions are also advised to follow a healthy routine in order to ease out the side effects of medications and all. Some even claim that leading such a lifestyle can be the best treatment for ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc.

Though you must have received a ton of advice on how to lead a healthy life, below are some of the key things you need to incorporate in your life:

Get Up and Move 

Want to feel energetic and happy? Get up and move.

Exercising consistently can offer plenty of benefits including prevention of many medical conditions including anxiety, stroke, arthritis, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, etc. Indulging in any sort of physical activity can also help you to maintain a healthy weight. Along with a better sleeping routine, exercising can also add a spark to your sex life. Improve some major aspects of your life with consistent exercising and take a step towards healthy living.

Follow a Healthy Diet 

It’s no new fact that a healthy diet is what you need to lead a healthy life. Some essentials for a healthy diet include a variety of foods, veggies and fruits, eating less salt, sugars, saturated, and industrially-produced trans fats, etc. Taking your diet on time works towards the ideal functioning of your internal system. Along with energy, following a diet rich in protein and other nutrients also prevents a person from catching different diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

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Drink Lots of Water 

You already know this but do you drink enough water in a day? Great, if it’s a yes. Not only does water make up the majority of your body weight, it’s also vital for the smooth functioning of your overall system. It keeps you healthy, prevents fatigue, dehydration, enhances your mood and what not! Drinking enough water also increases your overall productivity. Overall, every function going on in our bodies depends on water, hence it’s an important element in maintaining a healthy life.

Get Enough Sleep

50 % to 70% of adults in America suffer from a sleep disorder with 30% to 40% reporting symptoms of insomnia at some point in a year. People not getting enough sleep and hampering their quality of life has become so common.

If you are actually loaded with work, manage your schedule and take out the time to get your daily sleep intake. Sometimes, you’re not even busy but still feel short of time and end up being groggy the next morning. Well, maybe it’s the mobile phone or late-night callings that are probably eating your time.

It’s crucial to understand that a poor sleeping pattern can hamper your body in the long run. Make sure you consciously take enough sleep to have a healthy lifestyle.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can cause cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis, lung diseases, stroke and the list is a long one. Isn’t it enough for a person to quit smoking? Actually, No. Even after knowing the dangerous effects of smoking, smokers find it very hard to get rid of the habit. And this will never lead you towards healthy living. If you’re a chain smoker and want to quit the habit but just can’t, go visit a rehabilitation center that can surely help you. These centers have helped a lot of smokers get out of their addiction and follow a healthy routine again.

Avoid Unnecessary Interactions 

Maintaining healthy living is not always about eating a healthy diet or moving your body. Sometimes, it could be just staying away from negativity and interactions that don’t deserve your attention and energy. You may choose to aggravate an argument and disturb your mental peace or to end it and calm yourself down. Though it sounds easy to read and hard to follow, one should adopt this habit and practice it consciously to see the results. Avoiding unnecessary interactions is another step you can take towards a healthy life.

Analyze Your Life & Decisions 

Healthy living basically refers to a state where a person feels well – mentally, physically and spiritually. If a person is satisfied with his/her life & decisions, he/she will feel great about it, hence will be at peace mentally. On the other hand, if a person doesn’t feel right about his decisions in life, he/she will struggle mentally and physically, hence resulting in poor quality of life. It is important that you regularly keep a check on your life decisions and other things.

Follow a Routine With All Your Heart 

This is the most important. Only talking about a routine is not gonna give you the end result but following it will. Follow a routine with all your heart. In the beginning, there will be days when you will not feel like getting up and hitting the gym, but it’s the consistency that takes you towards your goal, which is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, in this case. And it’s absolutely fine if you sometimes skip a part of your routine. Just make sure to follow it from the next day onwards. Rather than giving up, aim to try again and again.

Do More of What You Love 

Nothing compares to the joy of doing what you love. The satisfaction, hunger and results you get are what keep you motivated to do better in a particular area and hence in life. There are both types of people in the world, those who are living their dream job and those who are caught up in things that do not excite them at all. And the former ones are happier! Choose things that make you happy, excited and energetic. Choose things that you want to do again and again without anyone screaming at you to do it. Choose things that nobody’s telling you to do but you want to do it! All of this will surely lead towards a healthy and happy life.