Do you prefer skipping meals and eating fruits instead?

Do you believe that eating a large amount of healthy food can help you lose weight?

Well, you might be surprised that even though you are eating healthy food products, still you might not get desired weight loss results.

Not only this, sometimes, we end up using the same weight loss consultations that are referred to our friends.

However, the outcomes are drastically different.


I am certain that you will be.

Why are we forgetting a simple rule that every individual is different.

Therefore, whatever we consume might act in a different way in our bodies.

Through this article, the intention is to make you aware that consuming these healthy foods in abundance can hinder your chances of losing weight.

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1. Olive Oil

Most people prefer olive oil while losing weight. However, you might not know that olive oil, a source of heart-healthy fats and has calories just like any other oil.

That’s why it is advised to sprinkle this oil on your food instead of cooking your food into it.

2. Nuts

These are a rich source of magnesium and provide heart-healthy fats with high fiber content.

A single bowl (size of a cup) of nuts can add more than 700 calories.

Therefore, if you are eating beyond the required amounts, then this healthy food can turn into a calorie-making machine.

3. Granola

It contains high amounts of fiber and proteins. However, serving portions can be a cause for concern.

This is because, besides the above-mentioned nutrients, it also has a higher fat content. Therefore, if you exceed the recommended amount, instead of losing weight, one can end up gaining weight.

4. Avocado

These are a perfect source of many micronutrients coupled with less carbohydrate content.

But, the main issue lies in its fat content.

Avocados contain monounsaturated, saturated, and polyunsaturated fats which can increase the calorie intake by more than 200 calories.

Therefore, you must look into its portion size rather than just focusing on nutritional content.

5. Cheese

I understand no one can resist recipes containing cheese. However, it has high-calorie density with high-fat content.

While small servings can actually help your weight loss goals but, if consumed in large amounts can derail your attempts of losing weight.

6. Fruit Juices

Many people switch to strict fruit juice diet plans. Some even consider buying marketed fruit juices.

Juices lack important minerals and other nutrients. Also, they don’t provide enough energy.

If you still want to drink juices, consider drinking them on an empty stomach.

However, in my opinion, one must eat whole fruits as they contain the right amount of fiber which promotes digestion.

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7. Gluten-Free Products

This kind of diet is referred only to people who are unable to digest gluten such as Celiac Disease, gluten allergies or any other related sensitivity.

There are many cases when people without any sensitivity issues also include these products. Many gluten-free products contain more carbohydrate content as they are processed using refined grains.

For people with such medical issues, it is recommended to consume these specific products manufactured from naturally occurring gluten-free grains like millet.

8. Bottled Water

Drinking sufficient amount of water is very helpful for weight loss. However, if you are drinking bottled water then it can alter the desired results.

This is because BPA present in plastic bottles is linked to one of the reasons that cause obesity.

9. High Protein Products

A study published in Clinical Nutrition revealed that if your daily intake of protein is higher than recommended, then it will increase your chances of gaining weight.

Therefore, one must refrain from consuming more than the required protein content otherwise it will hamper your weight loss regime.

Excess Of Everything Is Bad

This famous age old saying is not only applicable to emotions or desires rather it can be used for anything or everything.

Similarly, if we start consuming unlimited quantities of food or products that are considered healthy, then they also have the ability to harm our system dramatically.

Eating healthy and staying fit is only possible if we are consuming a recommended amount of food products.

Therefore, one must always get a weight loss online consultation for getting the desired results.