Nearly 3 million Americans are currently battling opioid use disorder (OUD). Suboxone treatment is one of the preferred ways of battling this addiction. Many people believe that suboxone is a miracle treatment that works wonders for addiction. Well, the treatment definitely works but there are various tips to maintain your health while you are taking suboxone. 

Maintain Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is mandatory for the proper functioning of the body. Since everyone is unique, the diet requirements are bound to be different. Well, when you are taking suboxone, the following diet suggestions can help: 

  • Eat 30 gms of protein every day to give you muscle strength and trigger the release of mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain
  • Keep yourself hydrated as it facilitates various bodily functions and aids in better metabolism. 
  • Don’t drink any beverage at least 30 mins after eating your meals. That’s because the liquid dilutes your digestive juices in the stomach. 
  • Drink lukewarm water and avoid drinking chilled beverages because it slows down your digestion. 
  • Eat healthy fats that do good to your body and avoid saturated fats. 

Exercise Regularly

Good diet and exercise go hand in hand. In the current lifestyle, finding the time to exercise can be very challenging. Well, this leads to a sedentary lifestyle and affects your health. It’s important to note that there are various ways of exercising. Walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, and weight-training are some brilliant options for bringing an element of physical activity in your life. Exercising comes with a lot of benefits. It enhances your mood, reduces anxiety and depression, aids in better sleep, increases energy, and boosts confidence. 


Having a focussed and calm mind is a challenge for many. Meditation works great in balancing the mind and helping you develop focus. It is about increasing the flow of oxygen through slow and focussed breathing that channels a sense of calm. Meditation helps you find peace from within. So, it brings an element of satisfaction in your life. If you haven’t done it before, it’s a good idea to go through some videos about how the whole thing works. There is nothing complex about the process. Just make sure you carve some time in the morning and start with small sessions. It’s a good idea to do it for at least 20 minutes. Meditation might seem difficult in the beginning but as you do it regularly, you’ll feel more comfortable. 

Pay Attention to Your Sleep Habits

Good sleep is very important for the proper functioning of the body. When you sleep, your body does a lot of important functions. It is vital for the body to recover, heal, and repair. Most people have a habit of sleeping late that messes up their sleeping cycle. Ideally, you should aim to sleep before 11 pm each day and wake up early at 6 am. It might be tough initially but as you start doing it regularly, you’ll feel more energy throughout the day. Most people feel tired because they sleep really late. So, that’s a thing you need to work on. Avoid distracting your brain before sleep. It’s a good idea to read a book and stay from social media. 

Focus on Positivity

Staying on opioids might make you negative in the sense that you are using the drug to find an escape from it. So, when you are using suboxone treatment, it’s better to focus on the positivity. Concentrate on things that make you happy and fill you with good emotions. So, it’s a good idea to ignore the negatives. Watch good things and stay away from people who try to bring you down. The kind of people you interact with also has an impact on your mental health. Stay away from drug addicts as that’s what you are batting with. 

Spend Some in Nature

There is a thing called nature therapy and it actually works. Spending time in nature floods you with positive emotions and the feeling of tranquility. Most people are too engrossed in spending time within fixed walls that they forget the beauty of nature. Find time out of your busy schedule to pay a visit to the nearby garden or park. A better thing to do would be to plan a short hiking trip nearby every weekend. If you want to take things up a notch, then try planning a trip to mountains, forests, or beaches. It’s a good idea to take your friends or family members with you. 

Indulge in Exciting Recreational Activities

When you are undergoing a suboxone treatment, recreational activities can add a new dimension to your holistic health. So, try to indulge in activities that can give you an edge in fighting this addiction. This works by keeping your mind busy because when you are an addict, your entire focus is on sourcing the opioids. So, you give them up, your mind and body crave it. So, you should try keeping it busy. Try doing some fun recreational activities like playing outdoor games, going to movies, play a musical instrument, play board games, surfing, etc. 

Contact a Certified Doctor

These tips definitely work but you might want to have a word with the doctor who can help you supplement these activities along with your treatment. Presently, there are various doctors. So, making the right choice can be pretty tough. Follow these steps to find the right doctor for yourself: 

1) Do Some Research

Start by searching for the best doctors in your area. It’s logical to look directly for the clinics that house certified doctors. You can look at the reviews and ratings to get a glimpse into the working prowess of a particular clinic. You can even take references and find the one that you are looking for. It’s a good idea to select 4-5 clinics with high ratings. 

2) Check if They Have Certifications

When you are choosing a clinic, it’s important to look at the certifications. Those serve as a token of trust that a particular clinic is genuine. The clinics have to maintain a good reputation and provide valuable services to earn a certification. So, do look for proof of certification when you are looking for a clinic. 

3) Check if They Have a Physical Address

The physical address serves as proof that a clinic actually exists in reality. Try contacting the clinic in advance and ensure if they have a physical address. A good way to ensure that is by checking the map on their website. If anything seems shady, it’s a red signal to consider your search elsewhere. 

4) Compare 

When you have a list of 3-4 clinics, you have more options at hand. Compare them on the basis of affordability, reputation, and experience. Select the one that offers a good mix of everything. 

So, while you are undergoing suboxone treatment, the tips mentioned above can guide you towards better health. Just make sure you follow these and try to bring a change in your life.