Several states in the US are allowing patients to use telemedicine health services. The authorities are ensuring a systemized telemedicine protocol to help medical marijuana patients receive health care facilities from home. Such measures can greatly benefit home-bound or quarantined patients. Especially, when social distancing is the key to fighting novel coronavirus. 

Recently, the State Senate of New Jersey approved a bill containing vital guidelines related to telemedicine for medical marijuana patients. The guidelines as stated in the bill allow healthcare practitioners to give recommendations to patients using telehealth or telemedicine which include sessions via video chat over phone or computer. This makes the role of telemedicine even more important as several US citizens rely on medical marijuana for their treatment. So, in this post we will discuss why the role of telemedicine is so crucial and what can you do as a medical marijuana patient to avail telemedicine services? Let’s begin!

Telehealth Will Help Fight The Coronavirus Spread

Initially, China faced the wrath of coronavirus. Healthcare officials used terms like ‘isolation’ and ‘quarantine’ to stop the spread of the virus. Cities were completely shut down and people started taking precautionary measures to fight coronavirus. Fast forward to today, i.e March 24th, 2020, we can clearly see the whole world under the grip of coronavirus. Nations are fighting a battle against this virus and more and more countries are under lockdown. However, some people require treatment and medicines to fight the diseases they already are suffering from. This also includes medical marijuana patients who rely on cannabis for their treatment. 

Fortunately, the state authorities in most US states are allowing health care providers to use telemedicine services. Simply put, they can use these services to get a recommendation over a video call. This, in turn, will help medical marijuana users purchase the medical cannabis required for their treatment. The only catch here is that people who thought that they do not need an MMJ recommendation might require it more than ever. And most vitally, telemedicine is a strategy to fight coronavirus. The more people stay at home and use telemedicine the better chances they have at stopping the coronavirus spread. 

There Is A Spike In The Use Of Telemedicine Services 

Reuters recently published a report showing the rise in telehealthcare services amid the corona outbreak. This rise in services is quite evident in the fact that consumers around the world are highly affected by the current situation. This rise is also prevalent among users who suffer from symptoms like cold and cough. After all, these are some of the major symptoms of coronavirus. All in all, the corona scarce is driving people to choose telemedicine health services. This way they can stay at home and avail health care services without having to go out of their homes. 

Telehealth Helps Disseminate Information Quickly

The biggest drawback of coronavirus spread is misinformation. Social media channels drown in misinformation. As a result of which more and more people are rushing to hospitals when doctors already have so much on their plates. Even people with minute flu symptoms rush to the hospitals. Now: the role of telemedicine is very crucial here because it will help them fight the disease from home. People will not rush to hospitals and lower the chance of getting affected. Not only this but doctors on video chat will help them stay away from rumors that are doing rounds on social media. So, you can see that telemedicine also brings you close to the right kind of information. And more vitally doctors through telemedicine have a chance to educate the people on your health and even coronavirus at large.

Final Thoughts

Amidst coronavirus chaos, telemedicine is a crucial tool. Not just for medical marijuana patients but also for individuals who need pharmaceuticals for a certain treatment. While telemedicine is opening doors to patients in quarantine. It is also providing people with an opportunity to stop the pandemic from spreading. So, make sure you use telemedicine to avail of healthcare services. If you are a medical marijuana patient, don’t worry because most states in the US have either kept medical marijuana dispensaries opened or fastened telehealth services to provide medical cannabis-related services.