Every outbreak in history has been connected to a rise in cases of anxiety and stress. This is because they bring a lost sense of security. People have a constant fear of getting sick and are worried about their loved ones too. In addition to this, finances, daily needs, social life, and most importantly the looming doubt of ‘what’s going to happen?’ can all act as triggers. In such situations, anxiety and stress are meant to kick in. 

COVID-19 also brought along a universal presence of stress and anxiety. People with existing issues as well as others are equally facing the stress of the current pandemic. However, with the former, it may turn into a risky case. This is why it is important to know how to deal with such situations efficiently. This blog will help you learn some effective ways to cope with stress and anxiety while in quarantine.

But before I get into the details remember to stay indoors and wash your hands frequently. Take all the preventive measures to stay safe and protected from COVID-19. 

Limit News and Social Media Intake

Anxiety triggers with stressful situations. In the present time, nothing can be more triggering than news and social media. It is true that you need to stay updated on the developments of the disease. But, overindulgence can cause cases of anxiety. So it is best to keep such information to a minimum of once or twice a week.  

Another reason why social media is not the perfect source to rely on presently is because of the increasing misinformation. There are posts and videos of people claiming that they know the cure to COVID-19. Or even influential people, with no background in medicine whatsoever, talking about ways that can kill the virus in the body. Unless you hear the bigger organizations with professionals working on COVID-19 say that such claims are true, there is no reason to believe those social media posts. In fact, it is best to not pay heed to them at all for the sake of your mental health. 

Indulge in Self-Care

Keep your anxiety to a minimum by engaging in self-care activities. It will not only act as a subtle distraction but also allow you to be kind to yourself. 

Begin by stop blaming yourself for feeling anxious. The current situation is a first time experience for everyone. It can become overwhelming and trigger stress in everyone let alone people already suffering from mental problems. Counter these by relaxing activities like meditation and yoga. Deep breathing and stretching help bring a state of calmness and give clarity to thoughts and emotions. Exercise can also help kick in the neurotransmitters and uplift your mood while keeping you active. Along with physical activity, follow a proper and nutritious diet as food is connected to your mental state. For example, processed food increases the risk of anxiety while a high fiber diet can work otherwise. Relax by taking a hot shower, watching Netflix, or just sleeping for some time. 

Basically, you must do everything that lets you spend more time with yourself. Try incorporating such activities as a measure to self treat your anxiety. 

Try Fun Indoor Activities

Distraction is a foolproof way of keeping anxiety at bay. But how do you distract yourself in a lockdown? Well, there’s a long list of activities that you can choose from which are not just fun but can also be done indoors. 

Gardening can be a great escape. It is proven to be a perfect means of exercise as well as a stress regulator. Plus caring for the plants can have positive effects on your anxiety. You could also start cooking or baking. Preparing a dish gives you a sense of accomplishment and promotes good feelings. If not cooking why not just turn up the music and dance to the beat. Let out your emotions and some calories. You can even have a dance battle with your family and just enjoy the moment. Get some art supplies and paint whatever you feel. It can be a great relaxing process in case of anxiety. And if you have a pool, whether ceramic or inflatable, there’s nothing more calming than a cool mojito and a dip in the water. 

Just try and make the best out of the quarantine life instead of worrying only about the increasing numbers.

Stay Connected

Even in isolation, it is best to stay connected with your family and friends. If you are quarantined with your loved ones, take time to bond with them. Set up small picnics in your lawn or maybe even indoors. Connect overcooking your favorite recipes together or a delicious barbeque. However, if you are away from your family at this time, there is no reason to not stay connected with them. Call them and keep them updated on your well being as well as know if they are safe. 

Since the quarantine began, online games have taken over the world. Ask your friends and family for a match and try new ones every day. Long-distance should not be a reason to not bond during such difficult times. 

Play with pets

By now you must already know that there is no evidence of pets transmitting or getting sick with COVID-19. But did you know that pets can lower your anxiety of quarantine? They provide constant physical touch and a friend you can confide in without being judged. By realizing that you have to care for them they give you a sense of control. They give you attention when you ask for it and keep you active too. All these factors work together as a stress regulator and promote happy feelings and calmness. So if you feel like your anxiety is developing, spend time with your pet to calm down. 

Do not hesitate to ask for guidance

If you feel that your symptoms are constantly developing into something serious, do not hesitate to get in contact with a therapist. You can either get in touch with one nearest to your or make use of teletherapy. With lockdown into effect, telemedicine has become safer. Several restrictions have been revoked and payment methods and privacy have improved. So you can contact a therapist online and talk about your symptoms without getting out of your home. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, you must remember that the situation will pass. Sooner or later it will all be over and we will learn how to cope with this new sickness as well. Until then all you need to do is try to remain calm. There is no need to panic as long as you follow all the safety guidelines provided by the authorities. Stay indoors, stay hygienic, and wash your hands properly as frequently as possible. If you feel anxious, try one of these methods to cope with it or just get guidance from a professional.