Skin tags are unwanted outgrowths that grow on the skin. It’s estimated that almost half of the adults develop these growths. However, people who are obese have higher chances of developing skin tags.

While these growths are harmless and may fall away on their own, many home remedies and skin tag treatment in Orange County are also available.

Home Remedies for Removing Skin Tags

String– Many believe that using dental floss or string can help in removing skin tags effectively. It helps you to get the job done without using any device or another person’s help. The method works by cutting the blood supply to the outgrowth, which after a few days fall away. It’s necessary to clean your skin, the string to be used, etc. to avoid any kind of infection.

Skin tag removal device– You can find a good device for skin tag removal in Orange County from an online store. The formula is the same—cutting off the blood supply from the skin tag, which falls away in a few days. Before using the device, make sure you have thoroughly read the instructions to prevent any problem.

Freezing method– Another method for removing skin tag—freezing it off using liquid nitrogen. You can find such products from a local pharmacy. Again, you need to read the instructions, and after a few applications of the product, the skin tag will fall away.

Oregano oil– It has the ultimate antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative properties. This oil has the potential to remove skin tags within 30 days.

Mix 2-3 drops of oregano oil with 4-6 drops of coconut oil, and apply the mixture directly to the skin tags. Remember, always mix the oregano oil with a carrier oil else it can lead to risks such as redness.

Apple cider vinegar– It helps in destroying the skin tag tissue completely. Soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar, and apply it on the skin tag after cleaning and drying the skin. Massage the skin tag until it’s gone. Remember, apple cider vinegar can cause mild itching for a few minutes after applying. To reduce these effects, add some water in it.

Cutting the skin tag– Many doctors recommend cutting the skin tags using a sharp device. However, you shouldn’t try this method at home, especially on medium to large skin tags, which may lead to bleeding.

Before attempting this method, always consult a licensed doctor.

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When Not to Use Home Remedies for Skin Tag Removal Orange County

Although home remedies for skin tag removal in Orange County are easy and effective, you shouldn’t try these if skin tags are located near the eyes, genitals, or cause bleeding & itching.

However, you can try some medical treatments such as –

Cryotherapy– It’s a safe, effective method that involves freezing off the skin tags using liquid nitrogen.

Cauterization– Burning off the skin tags, which fall away after two or three treatments.

Cutting– A professional doctor cuts the skin tags using a sharp device such as a blade.

Removing skin tags, especially large ones, can be painful. Additionally, it can lead to problems such as bleeding, itching, redness, etc. If you notice changes in color or appearance of your skin after the treatment, see a licensed medical doctor right away.

The conclusion is—skin tags are common, and they are usually harmless. When your doctor confirms that it’s benign, you need not worry about anything. However, if skin tags are large, and you want to hide it, go for a home remedy or medical treatment. See a licensed doctor if you experience redness, itching, etc. with a home remedy or seek professional advice for skin tag removal clinic in Santa Ana.