Erectile dysfunction is more common than people think, in the US alone there are over 30 million men in the US alone who have issues getting it up, this can be for any number of reasons. All of which often lead to two feelings- anger and frustration. As a leading erectile dysfunction clinic, we can tell you that even though this might seem like an extremely difficult time to get through, there are ways you can make it through without any issues.

What Are The Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction?

There are plenty of reasons why one might be facing erectile dysfunction. Some of the most commonly identified problems include:

  • Being over the age of 50
  • High blood sugar/diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Suffering from cardiovascular disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Smoking
  • Overconsumption of drugs or drinking too much alcohol
  • Obesity
  • Lack of exercise

Another factor that leads to ED is aging, but it is not a definitive factor. Often ED is actually an indicator of much more serious problems. Finding out the core issue is a very important first step when it comes to the treatment of ED.

What Are Some Natural Remedies For Treating ED?

There are plenty of ways out there that you can undertake to manage your ED, these range from lifestyle changes to getting a mental health or relationship counselor.

The best course of action is always to talk to a doctor before you try absolutely any kind of treatment option. Whether they are conventional, natural, or even a combination.


Let’s start with the most obvious lifestyle change you can take to manage your ED- your diet. A balanced diet is the best way to maintain your sexual function and decrease the risk of ED. As per a 2020 study, men who follow a Mediterranean diet or the alternative healthy index 2010 diet had a much much lower chance of developing ED. People whose diets were more focused on fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish and nuts, were more likely to not develop ED.

Food, as we know, is an essential part of our functioning, so if in the bargain we manage to have a great sex life, why not?


Not everyone is a fan of this one but it’s true, physical activity can help protect against and improve ED. This is especially true if your ED has been caused by inactivity, cardiovascular disease, or obesity. A review in 2018 showed that moderate to intense aerobic exercise for about 40 minutes a day, helped reduce ED.

Exercise helps improve blood vessel health, lower stress levels and increase testosterone levels all of which have a direct impact on ED.


There is a reason we are always told that we need to get a good night’s sleep. Getting better sleep throughout the night is key to improving your ED.

As per a study conducted in 2017, it was reported that men who work night shifts have a higher chance of developing ED all thanks to their terrible sleep cycle.

Another study in 2015 showed that there was a direct link between sleep disorders and the development of ED.


Well yes, like most problems weight just might be an issue when it comes to ED. But the good news is that if weight is the issue, then with exercise and a balanced diet you should be able to improve ED.

Now that we have covered the broad aspects that you need to cover when you are looking to reverse ED, here are some more targeted remedies that people have reported over years.

Kegel Exercises

Kegal isn’t just something that exists for women. Kegel exercises are designed to help strengthen your pelvic floor and effectively improve ED as well as overall sexual performance.

They are extremely easy to do and you can easily find instructions online, but if you still aren’t sure you can always ask your doctor for details.


This herb has been nicknamed the “herbal viagra” and there have been several studies that have stated that if you take around 600-1000 milligrams of ginseng about three times a day, you just might be able to manage your ED. What you need to take care of is that you get the ‘red ginseng”. This is the steamed and dried version of this root. If you are taking any other medicine to manage your condition then you should check up with your doctor to ensure you don’t end up with any kind of negative drug interactions taking place.


The amino acid is present in the human body and is responsible for the creation of nitric oxide which helps relax blood vessels and create an erection. Even amounts as little as 5 grams a day of L-arginine have the power to make all the difference.

A side effect of L-arginine is that it can lower blood pressure. So, again it’s very important that you have a discussion with your doctor before you start taking it lest you end up having to navigate a poor reaction.


If you suffer from ED, know that amino acids are your best friends. The amino acid citrulline is present in heavy concentrations within a watermelon and this appears to help enhance the blood flow.

And even it isn’t the cure for your erectile dysfunction, at the least, you will be eating just a little bit healthier.

Impotence is not something that anyone wants to have but at least with these tips, you can make the situation better for yourself.