How are you dealing with COVID-19? Well, if you are living with a chronic pain condition, the challenge is quite evident. Thankfully, physical therapists are recognized as an essential service during this pandemic. A lot of people are using online pain management options in the event of social distancing. 

Living with pain can be very challenging during a pandemic. It’s not just about the physical pain, it’s the mental friction too. You need to be mentally sound to aid in better recovery. Well, in any case, the following tips can help you manage pain effectively in quarantine. 

Physical activity

It’s true that if you are experiencing pain, doing a physical activity can be extremely tough but you need to convince yourself to do it. There can be various reasons that might be the cause of your pain. Well, in any case, exercise is necessary to help you regain that strength again. The amount of exercise you do depends on the intensity of pain and the location. It can just be a stroll around your bedroom or a jog outside. If you are dealing with chronic pain, it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise initially but you need to do it. It’s easy to lie on the couch all day but you should find little opportunities to exercise as it can go a long way in managing your health condition. 


Well, meditating might seem like a weird approach in managing the pain but various studies show that it can make a huge difference in your recovery. That’s because pain is not always physical but it exists at the mental level too. Any chronic pain can cause substantial stress and have a negative impact on your mind. So, you need to destress and meditation is a great way to bring some mental peace. It not only contributes to a better mindset but also helps in getting you more focussed. So, if you are finding it hard to exercise, meditation can fuel you with the necessary mental strength to do it. 


Eating the right foods is essential in any recovery process. It’s also important to note that while staying at home, indulging in healthy eating habits might be a challenge for many but it’s essential to do that. There are various studies that explain the impact of diet on the inflammation levels on the body. If you are not aware enough, inflammation is the root cause of any form of pain. So, if you tackle that, pain automatically reduces. During quarantine, eating the right balance of nutrition might be tough because accessing groceries is not that easy. Well, you should still make use of the delivery services and stock up your supply of fruits and vegetables. Eating a balanced diet can supply your body with the essential vitamins and minerals that help in reducing inflammation and aid in the recovery process. Well, avoid packaged or canned fruits because they are high in sugar. 


Keeping your body hydrated is one of the most essential tasks that you need to take care of. Working from home and indulging in other activities can easily distract you from the necessary routines but fueling your body with liquids is as essential as anything else. When you are at work, passing by the water dispenser can be an easy reminder that you need to keep yourself hydrated but it’s not the same when you’re at home. There are studies to explain the link between the hydration levels and the body’s perception of pain. There is a clear link and it explains that if you maintain a healthy intake of fluids, managing pain becomes much easier. There are various guidelines that aim to explain an ideal amount of fluid intake for you. Experts suggest that you drink at least 8 glasses of water or equal to half of your body weight. Each person’s individual needs would be different but you should ensure you keep a check on yours. 


There are various studies that point to the effectiveness of yoga in the overall health of the body. The main reason is that yoga follows a completely different approach to maintaining health. It blends breathing techniques with various forms of exercise to bring a positive change in your body. If you are not sure how to get started, have a word with your doctor who can offer you some insight into the process and educate you with the necessary guidelines. Well, during the lockdown, it might be hard to hire a personal yoga instructor but you can check out the wide array of Youtube videos. You can watch, learn, and practice safely at home. 


During the lockdown, it might be a challenge to connect with a qualified expert who can guide you effectively. Well, online pain management is possible with the help of a wide range of clinics that accept telemedicine appointments. These clinics allow you to interact with certain specialists from the comfort of your home. Well, to gain effective advice, it’s important you find the right clinic for yourself. To do that you can follow some pointers that help you in landing a good clinic in no time. 

While searching for any clinic, go through the reviews and ratings. These are vital to give you an insight into the working prowess of a particular clinic. Along with that, pay attention to the certifications and licenses. These serve as a token of trust that a particular clinic is worth your time. Check if they have the qualified and experienced staff to offer effective advice. Also, check if the clinic is listed on that maintains a list of trustworthy businesses. Last but not the least, prepare a list of clinics that enjoy high ratings and compare them on the basis of affordability, reputation, expertise, and service. Select the one that seems like the most logical choice to you. 

We understand that managing pain can be very challenging in these times of the pandemic but with these tips, you can surely get some relief in managing pain. If you are not sure how to process, there various online pain management options in the form of telemedicine-based clinics. So, contact them and have a word with certified doctors. Apart from that, it’s important that you keep yourself motivated in quarantine. Try to distract your mind and indulge in activities such as playing board games, listening to music, or just binge-watching Netflix. It’s important to keep your calm in quarantine and just believe that you will get through this pain.