While thinking about being healthy it’s often overlooked that mental health is equally as important as physical health.

However, most of us choose to ignore health implications that are associated with mental health disorders.

According to the California Health Care Foundation, in California alone, about 1 out of every 6 adults are dealing with one or the other kind of psychological issues.

Although, various treatment options are available for managing mental health conditions.

Still, you require a companion in times when you are feeling agitated, anxious, or depressed.

In such situations, a pet animal (Emotional Support Animal) can charge your life with positive thoughts, thereby tremendously improving your condition.

Let’s learn the different ways an Emotional support animal can transform our thoughts with optimism.

Offers Companionship

There are situations when you need your friends and family, but they are not available.

However, your pet will be with you every time. Therefore, having an ESA letter will ensure that your pet can come along anywhere you go.

An ESA protects any thoughts of being alone, thereby filling the vacant space that is left because of others.

Helps In Dealing With Number Of Emotional Situations

We have to deal with a variety of situations in our day-to-day lives.

Often, these sudden changes influence our moods which can result in emotional outbursts.

Dr. Joshua Klapow, a well-known Clinical Psychologist and also the host of a radio show shared that a mere presence of an emotional support animal can help regulate emotions of an individual.

Having an ESA reduces the feelings of depression, stress, loneliness, thereby transforming any negative thoughts into feelings of calmness, and enthusiasm.

Works Along With Other Treatment Options

Just like a supplement works along with a pharmaceutical drug.

In the same way, pets can act as an adjunct to the ongoing medical treatment in which an individual has to go through a series of mood swings.

Emotional support animals offer unconditional love and affection. Therefore, they act as a perfect support system in times of emotional highs and lows.

Boosts Immune System

Various researches have revealed that pets not only make us feel better. But, they also have a role in boosting our immune system.

A study conducted by Wilkes University concluded that petting a dog significantly increased the levels of antibodies in the saliva.

Therefore, having an ESA will help fight a number of infections, thereby improving our overall health.

Helps Indulging In Social Interactions

It is common fact that pets attract attention. They are cute and adorable.

A researcher held a plant, stuffed bear, and a dog for a study.

While conducting this study, she received responses from more than 1500 strangers who passed by her when she was with her pet.

Therefore, having an ESA helps their owners to start a conversation even with strangers, thereby promoting social and community interaction.

Improves Physical Health

Physical activity is essential for maintaining a good health.

However, various kinds of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety often prevent individuals from doing any physical activity.

This further results in other health issues such as obesity, High Cholesterol levels, Hypertension and many more.

Therefore, having an ESA will give you a reason to get out of your place either for a walk or playing with your pet.

Promotes A Sense Of Purpose

Rebecca Kempf, suffering from depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), tried to attempt a suicide.

However, her cat (Mouse) helped these feelings to surpass. She acknowledges that her pet is the reason she is alive and most important she is happy now. Therefore, her doctor prescribed to register her pet as an Emotional Support Animal. Now, she is able to manage her condition any time with the help of her pet.

Various studies have seen that pet owners get a sense of purpose and meaning in their life. Therefore, individuals dealing with depression, or any other mental health disorders get a reason to live. This further increases their hope which gets diminished in times of their panic attacks.

Like her, more than 15% of adult population in the United States are dealing with one or other type of mental health disorder.

Therefore, instead of keeping silent about your condition, you must come forward and apply for an ESA letter online.

Get your pet registered as an Emotional Support animal and live your life with enthusiasm.

If you too are suffering from any mental health disorder, share your thoughts with your medical health professional.

Who knows, having a pet might be exactly what you require.