America has seen one of the worst opioid epidemics in its history. Opioid addiction kills more than 50,000 people every year which has reduced the nation’s life expectancy for two years in a row.

It takes more than just a single thought to pull yourself out of any addiction. Therefore, many people struggle while trying to walk away from their addiction.

For that, you need to change your behavior as well as the environment around you to speed up your recovery process.

This is where medication-assisted treatment options come into play. Suboxone treatment in California is one of the best options for patients where they can stay sober along with reducing the side effects plus the cravings.

But, whether or not opting for suboxone is a good idea is a matter of concern for many. Let’s read along and dig out more about this subject.

Suboxone For Addiction Treatment In California

Suboxone treatment is like a miracle drug for many people.

It is a moderate synthetic painkiller that works by weening off other opioids. Its mode of action is somewhat similar to other opioid analgesics but are taken during the detox like a step-down drug.

It produces a minimal high thereby reducing the withdrawal effects. Although it does help a lot to take people off the hard-hitting opioid, it comes with its issues as well.

Suboxone Consultation & Treatment

It’s something like you have a fever and you need immediate attention. In the same way, suboxone is a short-term approach to make the overall treatment therapy easier and faster to adapt.

Now, let’s talk about both sides of using suboxone treatments a medication-assisted treatment option for opioid addiction.

Pros Of Suboxone Treatment Therapy

1. The first and foremost advantage of using suboxone is that it is very easy or simple to use. Plus you won’t be taking any extra dosage which got you addicted in the first place. Thereby, making it a successful option for opioid treatment.

2. Suboxone treatment will help you to regain your life. For the time, since you started off getting addicted to opioids, you will feel like you are about to beat your addiction.

The primary reason, suboxone is this much success is that it is not as mind-altering as the other opioids.

3. If you have to choose between opioids and suboxone, then, suboxone is a way better choice to get rid of the addiction.

4. It is very much the case that people with addictions build up a tolerance level for opioids over time. In such times, suboxone consultation and treatment therapy can be a lifesaver for many.

This is because suboxone helps to reduce the tolerance levels and helps various patients to return to their initial dose regime. Hence, can be helpful to prevent any kinds of overdosing situations.

Cons Of Suboxone Treatment Therapy

Being an opioid itself, therefore being a little addictive is an issue. Although it’s not same as other opioids, however, you will always be in need of a professional outlook whenever you go for suboxone consultation and treatment therapy option.

1. Suboxone has some of the documented side effects like dizziness, headache, nausea, sudden mood changes. Some even have urinary retention and decreased libido problems.

2. If taken along with CNS depressants like alcohol or tranquilizers, then it can even be deadly.

3. This treatment option is often linked to depression and anxiety issues. Although, there is no particular evidence available.


Suboxone for addiction treatment in California has many benefits with a few risks involved. However, even after using it as a long-term treatment option, it will not cause any potential harm like that in case of other opioid addictions such as a reduced sense of any responsibility, financial problems or any legal issues.

Although, there is still an ongoing debate going on whether it is a detoxifying agent or a long-term solution for an opioid crisis.

A study published by the National Study on Drug Abuse concluded that suboxone therapy greatly helps to fight back addiction issues as compared to people who opt for other alternative treatment options.

Therefore, if you want to kick-start your recovery phase, then contact our suboxone doctors online for a consultation and prescription of suboxone.