There are more than 30 million men in the US who suffer from erectile dysfunction. This clearly points to the scale of the problem. A lot of men are hesitant about this problem out in the open. Well, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Just like any other health issue, this can be managed too. 

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

When a man cannot achieve an erection during sexual performance, it’s called Erectile Dysfunction. It’s also called impotence. Decreased sexual urges and low libido are the main symptoms of ED. The common methods of treatment include prescription medicines, implants, surgery, and vacuum pumps. Well, a lot of men prefer natural methods to get over it. 

Natural Ways To Manage ED

Well, prescription medicines work but come with the side-effects that you cannot ignore. Natural methods work effectively without any side-effects. They might work slow but they provide permanent results.  Going to an erectile dysfunction treatment clinic can be helpful too. Well, have a look at these natural methods for now. 

1) Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a common technique used to manage a lot of health conditions. Studies show that it is pretty effective in treating ED too. A study conducted in 1999 showed that acupuncture helped in restoring the sexual urge and induced an improvement in the quality of erections. This result was evident in 39 percent of the participants. 

In another study conducted in 2003, 21 percent of participants observed a marked improvement in the quality of erections. Acupuncture works if you follow the right approach. Therefore, it’s necessary to contact a certified acupuncturist who can provide you with favorable results. 

2) Walking

Walking is great for your body. It brings your body in motion and improves the blood flow. A Harvard study points to the benefits of walking in ED patients. It showed that people who walk regularly have 41 percent less risk of ED. In general, physical exercise is very important. It can improve the overall health along with sexual performance in men.

3) Take a Healthy Diet

Diet plays a very important part in your health. Obviously, you need fuel to survive. Well, most people just survive on junk. That’s definitely bad for your body.  You need to eat right to keep your body working in optimum condition. Experts suggest taking a diet full of fruits, green vegetables, fish, and whole grains. Also, they mention certain foods that you should avoid. They also recommend eating less processed and red meat. If you follow this diet, your risk of ED increases greatly.

4) Maintain a Healthy Weight

The body weight plays a major role in the risk of ED. Studies show that men with a 32-inch waist are at a 50% decreased risk of ED as compared to men with a 42-inch waist. So, if you’re obese, you seriously need to shed some weight. Ideally, being slim lowers the risk of ED. Excess weight causes a lot of health conditions. These include diabetes and heart disease. If there is excess fat in the body, it affects the mechanism of hormones in the body. So, just start exercising and get back into shape in time. 

5) Do Kegel Exercises

If you’re not aware of Kegel exercises, these target the pelvic floor muscles. If you train these muscles, you will have enhanced control over your erection. It helps in maintaining harder erections by preventing the blood from leaving the penis. It achieves this by pressing an important vein in the region. Doctors advise that you do 2 sets of Kegels for 3 months to strengthen the muscles effectively. 

6) Pay Attention To The Vascular Health

A good blood flow is very important to keep the body functioning in an ideal condition. Conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar damage the arteries. This affects the blood flow to important parts of the body. This includes the penis too. In the absence of a proper blood flow, maintaining an erection is hard. So, it’s important to get your blood tested to check the risks. If you manage it on time, you can reduce the risk to a great extent. 

7) Yohimbe

This medicine is extracted from the African Yohimbe tree. Studies show that this extract is very beneficial in improving sexual function in men. It points to the fact that it might be a good medicine for managing ED too. There might be a risk of side-effects. These include blood pressure, heart issues, and tremors. It’s always better to contact a doctor who can suggest you the right way to consume it. 

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can completely alter the way you live. So, a viable method of treatment is necessary. Natural methods are the best way to manage the condition. They work without the risk of side-effects. Ideally, that’s what we need. With the right practice, you can surely observe the positive effects for your body.