All of our medical evaluations are conducted by a California-licensed physician with over 25 years of medical experience.

During the initial visit, our licensed physicians will be spending time examining medical history, performing a physical exam and determining the best medication for his or her condition, with regard to alternative medicine.

Although you will be medically evaluated by a CA licensed physician, the employees of Open Care’s Orange County Medical Clinic, including physician’s assistants, nurses, and other staff are not physicians and do not practice medicine or dispense any medical advice. The staff here to support and help physicians administer a clinic.

Our compassionate physicians understand that medicine can truly provide great therapeutic benefits to patients. We are known to be the most Reputable Clinic In Orange County, with unparalleled service through a positive attitude, professionalism, and courtesy to every person we are in contact with. Our doctors’ integrity and ethical standards uphold their strong reputations.