What is an Erectile Dysfunction?

A problem that affects more than 40 million men in the United States, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a condition where a man fails to achieve and keep an erection firm enough to have intercourse. ED may also be called impotence, but the term is rarely used these days. Three key symptoms characterize Erectile Dysfunction: difficulty getting an erection, trouble keeping an erection, and a reduced sexual desire.

If you’re having occasional erection trouble, you shouldn’t be alarmed. It happens. That said, ongoing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) might be a sign of a more significant medical issue. Living with ED can be very disappointing; it can cause stress, affect your self-confidence, and also cause relationship issues.

Taking steps to improve testosterone levels may have a significant impact on erectile health. Natural approaches that can positively impact your levels of testosterone include losing weight, reducing stress, exercising, and improving your diet.

If your Steady Care Medical doctor identifies low testosterone levels may be the cause of your ED, he or she may recommend testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). TRT is a hormone replacement treatment that restores testosterone hormone levels. In most men, TRT has a significant impact on their sex drive, in addition to other benefits. In some cases, however, TRT may not address ED and, hence, address other causes.

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Factors Contributing to Erectile Dysfunction

Low levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone, have been found to impact the risk of ED. While this may not be the case for all men, low testosterone levels will make erection difficult. In addition, low testosterone levels are common in chronic conditions that increase the risk of ED, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Lifestyle factors are a significant contributor to Erectile Dysfunction. Studies have shown that when individuals improve their lifestyle, chances of ED reduces significantly. Poor lifestyle may have a negative impact on a man’s cardiovascular health which further impacts the ability of their body to deliver sufficient blood that is required to produce or maintain an erection.

Psychological factors, ranging from mental health illness to daily emotional state, have been found to cause or contribute to the development of ED. Cases of ED due to psychological factors are less common in comparison to physical factors. Some of the psychological factors associated with ED include the following: the fear of having sex or intimacy, general anxiety, and depression. Sexual performance anxiety is a specific psychological factor commonly found in people with ED, and it affects about 9-25% of males.

The loss of intimacy due to ED may negatively impact the mental well-being of partners in a marriage or a long-term relationship. In men, ED may lead to low self-esteem, anxiety, a feeling of anger, lack of confidence, social isolation, and depression. The sex life of the female partner is also affected due to ED, which includes lack of sexual satisfaction, disturbance, and change in their sexual lives.

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