Skills to Improve Prospective Memory in ADHD Children

Children with ADHD symptoms often require assistance and skill to help improve prospective memory. We will cover three skills that can help parents recognize how to improve their child’s prospective memory.

Prospective Memory: Types and Stages

- Planning to do a task in the future - Remembering to do that task without getting sidetracked - Returning to the plan Following the plan and executing it

How to Improve Prospective Memory in ADHD Children?

Identify the Intention of the Plan

You have to help your child create a concrete plan. For instance, have your child look into the future. Help them analyze how they will look while performing the task.

Connect the Task to a Habit

Say you have a habit of brushing your teeth every morning. You can correlate this habit by taking medications every morning. All you have to do is link one habit with a task that you are most likely to forget.

Utilize Tools to Trigger Memory

The usage of external tools is an easy way to trigger a forgotten memory. You can utilize these tools in the form of to-dos and checklists. You can also ask your child to create reminder queues and put them in places easily visible.