Anxiety is a state of fear or nervousness you feel when you are under pressure or feel threatened. It can also arise as a response to a traumatic incident.

Anxiety disorders might be common but they can often manifest themselves in a manner that affects your overall sense of being. There is also a need for understanding the difference between fluctuations in mood and the development of actual clinical depression and anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorders if left untreated have the propensity to get worse, which is why we at Steady Care Medical ensure that you get the treatment that you need. Anxiety is often accompanied by physical symptoms like an increased heartbeat and shakiness.

Anxiety is a treatable illness, provided you receive the right support. We follow a systematic path to figuring out your triggers and then working with you to find ways to manage them effectively. We offer world-class treatment irrespective of the kind of anxiety you are suffering from.

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Types of Anxiety

Generalized anxiety disorder or GAD is when the patient feels excessive, unrealistic worry and tension sometimes even without a reason. Usually, persistent anxiety for months is characterized as GAD.

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is characterized by the occurrence of recurrent, unwanted thoughts and/or repetitive behaviors.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD develops after exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal in which one was gravely threatened or suffered physical harm. Some events that may trigger this include natural or human-caused disasters, etc.

This anxiety disorder causes people to be excessively self-conscious in certain everyday situations. It can be limited to situations like public speaking or even be so broad where patients are unable to be around other people.

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Break free from the restrictions of anxiety disorder and learn to manage it effectively.

You don’t need to live with anxiety and lower your quality of life. We provide you with personalized plans that help you retain your emotional balance. We offer both telemedicine as well as walk-in help to all our patients. This allows you to pick the route that is best suited for you.

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